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21 Sep 2023-07 Oct 2023


ARTIK und ASTI - a duet founded in 2012 that has managed to win the love of the audience with its numerous hits: "You Can Do Everything", "Indivisible", "Number 1" and of course "Sad Dance".

The hip Russian pop band tours Germany for the first time and presents itself to the German audience in 7 cities. Since their inception, Artik & Asti have repeatedly received the Golden Gramophone Award for "You Can Do Everything", "Indivisible" and "I Will Not Give Up" as well as twice the "Higher League" award. In 2018 the duo won the nomination "Best Pop Group" of the Muz-TV-Award and the album "Number-1" became the album of the year according to the HEAT Music Awards. In 2019, the team was awarded the best pop group from the following TV stations: MUZ TV, HEAT TV, RU TV. Also in 2019 Artik & Asti are again nominated for the Golden Gramophone.

The song 'Sad Dance' was in the top ten of the charts for more than 25 weeks, and the single 'Sad Dance' has been in the top charts of leading digital music platforms for 8 months. In addition, the track 'Sad Dance' has been awarded platinum five times, recording more than 150 million streams.

The video for the track "Indivisible" has collected more than 45 million hits on YouTube, and the video for the song "Sad Dance", released on March 29, 2019, has more than 1.7 million views in 5 days.

On March 29, 2019 Artik & Asti released their 4th album called "7". Dedicated to the seventh anniversary of the duo's creative activity, the album opens a new chapter in the musical life of Artik & Asti.