Philipp Kirkorov

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30 Mar 2023-07 Apr 2023


It does not matter in what mood you will come to the concert of the King of Russian pop music Philip Kirkorov, the color of your mood by the end of the show will definitely have a bright, colorful, brilliant!  “To move forward, one must periodically start all over again,” Philipp Kirkorov once said and confirms the truth of these words with his every concert program. After rave reviews and the tremendous success of the show “I”, Philip Bedrosovich with inexhaustible energy and fresh ideas takes up a new production. In a creative tandem with the legendary Franco Dragon, who is the director of dizzying concerts in Las Vegas and performances of the famous "Cirque du Soleil", Philip Kirkorov creates an amazing program "I + R" - # Color of mood .... The name of the show itself gives the viewer a hint of the authors ’idea: on the one hand, this is a continuation of the previous work launched in the“ I ”program, which means it will be sparkling, spectacular, sincere, unforgettable, and on the other hand, the King of Russian pop music us from a new perspective. Philip Kirkorov always knew how to surprise the audience: various musical styles, unexpected duets, colorful costumes, frank clips.