'Ivanushki International' - 25th Anniversary

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25 Nov 2022-03 Dec 2022


At the beginning of their careers, Ivanushki was asked: “And how do you see yourself in five years?” “We will change the name to“ Ivan Ivanichi, ”they joked. It is incredible, but a fact - after a quarter of a century they are still young “Ivanushki International”, they are also warmly received, as in the late 90s, and they are still loved, demanded and popular throughout the post-Soviet space. In November 2020, one of the first Russian boyfriends came to Germany as part of a world tour to celebrate the group’s 25th anniversary with its audience. It will be incendiary and festive fun for the youth. More than one generation has grown up on the songs of the Ivanushki International group: how many young people fell in love with Poplar Fluff, parted with Snegiri, put up with Puppet, and married with Kolechko. After the release of the video for the song "Clouds" in 1996, the young team instantly became fantastically popular and won the hearts of girls across the country. Three completely different guys looked very unusual and modern, and each of the fans found their ideal. Not only the selection of soloists, understandable lyrics, easy-to-remember tunes, but also the name of the group worked for a stunning success. Ivanushki International fully embodied the idea of ​​producer Igor Matvienko to combine the best traditions of Russian folk music, Soviet pop music and foreign dance styles such as Eurodance and trance. “Ivanushki” is my favorite project, my life! ”Says the permanent leader of the group, Kirill Andreev. “When we had the first album,“ Of course he is, ”all the music critics were sure that“ Ivanushki ”was a one-day band. But we have been on the scene for 25 years! Yes, there were such difficult moments as the departure of Igor Sorin, but we managed to survive all this. Our concerts are all different and do not resemble each other either in mood or in repertoire, which we ourselves select for performance. But the most important thing is that when we go out and sing, we do it with pleasure, sincerely. Every time I sing "Poplar fluff" or "Clouds", I get the same buzz. " Want to feel younger and plunge into the atmosphere of lightness and carelessness? Then we meet at the anniversary concert of the beloved group "Ivanushki International". We will sing along, dance and light together!