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10 May 2022-22 May 2022


Ljube. The boys from our block.

The songs of the group "Ljube" are written by composers and authors, and yet it seems that these songs are grown culture and history, as if they were always there. "The boys from our block" - many fans perceive the musicians as friends and acquaintances, not only "From the Volga to the Yenisei", but also in many other countries around the world. The popular and celebrated folk group "Ljube" is coming to Germany on a big tour in May 2021. Fine male poetry, stories from the times of the army, nostalgia for the youth, real daring and awesome love for the motherland - in this concert everything that we love in "Ljube" will be there.

Nowadays, in addition to ten studio albums, two live concert recordings, four best-of collections and the film “Zone Ljube”, the group has also left a large number of live performances as indelible traces in history. In over 30 years of creative activity, more than four million spectators have attended Ljube concerts. Her loyal fans include the highest ranking politicians and most influential people in Russia and the CIS countries.

The story of 'Ljube' began in 1987 when producer and composer Igor Matvienko decided to found a group of passionate musicians that was different from the usual Soviet show business. The result: a creative group with its own unique, easily recognizable style: a synthesis of rock, singer-songwriter and folklore. The final birth of the group 'Ljube' was in 1989 when the band was finally led by the charismatic front man Nikolai Rastorguev, who also invented the name of the collective of musicians. The word "Ljube" has been known to him since childhood. It is derived from the Ukrainian word "Ljube" and means in youth jargon "different, every, varied", which indicates that the group uses different musical styles in its creative work and sings for 'everyone and everybody'.

In May 2021 'Ljube' will sing for us again! We can expect a homely, warm atmosphere and familiar songs that have been loved for many years for their intensity and sincerity: "Come on for ...", "The main thing is that I have you", "There, behind the fog", "Fight "," Carry me, river "," Atas "," Taganskaya station" and many others.

"The boys from your block" look forward to meeting their fans! We will sing together, pure nostalgia and relaxation!