Past events

David Cohen

Walerij Leontjew

Valery Leontyev is a Russian singer of enormous talent. He always gets great recognition from his fans. He is one of the most sought after and extremely popular musicians at home and abroad: he is a true timeless legend.

David Cohen

Song of the Year 2018

On March 2, 2019, Germany will again meet the largest festival of contemporary pop music. The melody “Through the years, through the distances ...” will sound, loved by everyone over the years of the existence of “Song of the Year”, and the concert will begin, in which all the best for the past musical year is collected.

David Cohen

The Seagull

On the posters of the legendary Moscow Taganka Theater, "The Seagull 73458" is mysteriously written - a performance based on the play by A.P. Chekhov.

David Cohen

Mummy Troll

The history of the Mumiy Troll group began in 1997 with the release of the Morskaya album. Songs from him sounded throughout the country - there is hardly a lover of modern music who has not heard Vladivostok 2000 or Leak.

David Cohen

Turetsky Chor

The Russian Turetsky choir and SOPRANO are coming to Berlin with the "Unity Songs"   The "Unity Songs" reunite the capitals of our world - from Berlin to Paris, Washington to Beijing.  

David Cohen

Group "Leningrad". Final tour

The final tour of the Leningrad group in Germany The extraordinary, impudent, shocking and infamous Sergey Shnurov and his group “Leningrad” prepared vivid performances for the audience of Dusseldorf and Berlin.

David Cohen

Musical "Dangerous Romances"

"Dangerous Romances" - Buckle up! A story of love, hate, blame and retribution that takes your breath away, both 200 years ago and today.

David Cohen


Show me what you got! – that’s what Maruv provocatively and sexy calls for in her track "Drunk Groove", which already has 127 million views on the Internet. And while you're still trying hard to figure out what to show, the Ukrainian singer with the dreamlike pseudonym Maruv shows you EVERYTHING!

David Cohen

Metallica S&M Tribute-Show

Hard, real Heavy Metal supported by the classical sounds of a symphonic orchestra in front of a breathtaking backdrop promises a goose bumping experience: 'Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets ...' The 'Metallica S & M Tribute Show' will be presented in 2020 for the first time exclusively with a limited card contingent in Germany.

David Cohen

Song Of The Year 2019

«Через годы, через расстояния!» - 15 февраля 2020 года эти позывные главного музыкального события года, самого брендового фестиваля современного эстрадного искусства – «Песня года» - снова зазвучат в Германии! 

Дебюты, сенсационные премьеры, экстравагантные номера, главные хиты!

Лучшие имена музыкального года на одной сцене, в рамках одного концерта – долгожданной «Песни года»! 

На этот раз Штутгарту выпала честь принимать у себя самый яркий музыкальный праздник.

David Cohen

Theater 'The Older Son'

The famous play "The Elder Son" by the dramaturge Aleksandr Wampilow is wonderfully fairy-tale and impressively realistic at the same time. The play is about love, trust, honesty and the insistent search for soulmates in this big world.