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David Cohen




Если ты все еще помнишь слова треков прошлых лет, в голове свежи воспоминания о школьных вечеринках, а где-то внутри «живет» стиляга, то ты просто обязан купить билеты и окунуться в атмосферу ушедшей эпохи! Супердискотека 90-х открывает для тебя свои двери.

David Cohen

Max Barskih

Radiant and open-hearted, charismatic and sensual, daring and talented - music that makes you dance together with a fascinating performance.

David Cohen

Dimash Qudaibergen

An extraordinary talent, uniquely clean sounds and an enviable ambition - the whole world has turned its eyes to the young Kazakh singer Dimasch Kudaibergen. Not without good reason, his friend and teacher, maestro Igor Krutoj, predicts: "Believe me, in the future the world will be at Dimash’s feet." The work of the talented singer, musician and composer quickly inspired millions of people around the world! In March 2021, European audiences will have the unique opportunity to experience Dimasch on stage with his dazzling concert program "Arnau" (Dedication).

David Cohen

Yuri Shatunov

Again in Germany, the legend of the Russian pop - Yuri Shatunov! Favorite songs and new compositions will be performed in the program “Do not be silent”, immersing the audience in an atmosphere of sincerity, romance and first love.

David Cohen


The songs of the group "Ljube" are written by composers and authors, and yet it seems that these songs are grown culture and history, as if they were always there.

David Cohen


ARTIK und ASTI - a duet founded in 2012 that has managed to win the love of the audience with its numerous hits: "You Can Do Everything", "Indivisible", "Number 1" and of course "Sad Dance".

David Cohen

Superdiskotheka 90х Radio Record

Get neon-colored leggings, bleached jeans, a crop top and tinted sunglasses!

David Cohen

Music-Festival 'Zhara'

Международный музыкальный фестиваль ЖАРА FEST - Готовьтесь к настоящей жаре!

Осенью обычно холодает, но вот Октябрь 2020 года будет точно необычайно жарким и знойным!!! 24 Октябрь 2020 года один из крупнейших и стильных городов Германии – Дюссельдорф - впервые  станет местом проведения международного музыкального фестиваля ЖАРА. В этот день самые популярные и любимые артисты выйдут на сцену грандиозного стадиона ISS Dome Arena, вместимостью до 12.000 человек.

David Cohen

Zveri-Tour 2021

Was ist da los in Deinem Kopf?

Dreht er sich, schlägt er Salto?

Welten  zu erobern ist einfach -

zu zweit...

David Cohen


Her music - rhythmic heartbeat,
Her texts - modern philosophy,
Her voice - gentle hypnosis,
Her appearance - extraterrestrial diva!

David Cohen

'Ivanushki International' - 25th Anniversary

At the beginning of their careers, Ivanushki was asked: “And how do you see yourself in five years?” “We will change the name to“ Ivan Ivanichi, ”they joked. It is incredible, but a fact - after a quarter of a century they are still young “Ivanushki International”

David Cohen

Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak presenting her brandnew tour 'The Best'.


David Cohen

Philipp Kirkorov

It does not matter in what mood you will come to the concert of the King of Russian pop music Philip Kirkorov, the color of your mood by the end of the show will definitely have a bright, colorful, brilliant!  

David Cohen


You can fall in love with his looks and subtle smile, or fall in love with his velvety voice, but one thing is for sure - he will not leave you indifferent!